15 Most Popular Names Parents Used for Naming Their Baby

Your name is your identity on Earth and brings you glory in your personal and professional lives. India, being known for its culture and diversity, gives utmost significance in naming a person. Few of the most popular names that you can come across are –

  • Aditya – Aditya means the “sun” in Sanskrit. It’s one of the most preferred names among Hindus for boys.
  • Siddharth – This is after the actual name of Buddha which was Siddhartha Gautama meaning “someone who has accomplished a goal”.
  • Ishani – This is another name originated from Sanskrit after the name of Lord Shiva. A person with this name is considered to be the replica of Goddess Parvati.
  • Arjun – This name is derived from the Hindu legend Arjuna, known to be the greatest warrior hero in “Mahabharata”.
  • Aarav – Aarav means “peaceful”. This name has travelled so high on the popularity chart that it is used by celebrities too to name their babies.
  • Mohammad – The name isn’t just famous in India but all across the world. This name means to be “the most praised one” and is also given after the name of the Islamic Prophet.
  • Aryan – Aryan means “noble” which was originated during the Vedic Period to refer to the nobility in a person.
  • Rahul – Rahul is extremely famous among Indians, thanks to the Indian celebrities for popularising it. In the Hindu Upanishads, the person bearing this name is said to be the “conqueror of all miseries”.
  • Dhruv – Dhruv is an Indian name for the polar star. A person with this name is known to be the most faithful person as per the Sanskrit definition.
  • Ali – This is another very popular name among the Muslims in India and abroad. The literal meaning of this name is “high” or “elevated”.
  • Om – It is the most sacred word used in the form of Mantra by Hindus and Buddhists for all their prayers and holy occasions. If you’re planning on naming your baby boy a sacred name, then there’s nothing holier than this name
  • Ananya – If your name is Ananya then you must already know how “distinctive” you are. This name is originated from Sanskrit which means “unique”.
  • Varun – As per the Hindu Vedas, Varun is known to be the God of the law and underworld, Sky, Rain and Water.
  • Diya – Diya is originally a Sanskrit word which means “Light” and is often possessed by Hindu girls.
  • Priyanka – This is derived from Sanskrit that depicts happiness or someone who’s loved by all.

 Every name has a unique meaning which makes you different from others. Your name will describe your personality and if your name is popular, then it’s an added benefit to your persona.


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