Christmas – A Festival of Happiness, Hope And Love


Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year, especially by the kids who look forward to getting the cherished gifts from Santa Claus. Even though the festival is primarily celebrated by people of the Christian religious community, families from other religious backgrounds also observe the festivities to teach their children the value of love and sacrifice. The festival marks the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God, who came to earth to rid the people of heir sufferings.

On this occasion, parents often narrate the tale of the birth of the Lord to their young kids. Special prayers are held in churches and homes to seek the blessings of the Almighty and kids receive a variety of gifts from friends. A common legend associated with Christmas is that if Santa Claus coming to the homes of children secretly to present them the gifts they deserve. It is believed that the children, who behave well all year round, get the present they ask for from Santa Claus.

This legend has been making the children both excited and anxious about Christmas for centuries. Kids around the world tend to exhibit their best behavior just a couple of weeks prior the festival. This often amuses the parents who often fail is getting these results despite their best efforts at any other time. However, apart from the fun and excitement, the festival helps in bringing families together and teaches them the importance of love and forgiveness.
Celebrating festivals like Christmas has gained greater significance in the modern times, when people are becoming increasingly selfish and money minded. Such occasions, remind them of the importance of family and friends and also refresh their memories of happy and carefree childhood. The festivals also give the modern kids an opportunity to take e break from the virtual play space and strengthen to bonds of love and friendship in the real world!

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