Parenting Tip – Develop Good Habits in Children

In this digital world, the habit of reading books is very much decreased. Stories, information and entertainment are available in digital formats with multimedia features. However, nobody will deny the fact that reading books has its own role in developing the personality of an individual. It is very important especially during the early stages of childhood to shape the personality of the individual.

Benefits of reading books

Develops language capabilities
Develops knowledge; kindles thinking capacity and leads to do deep thinking.
Develops analytical thinking
Develops better understanding of other people, situations and problems
Develops problem identification and problem solving skills
Develops imagination and creativity
Time is spent in constructive way

Some methods to develop reading habit in children

There is no doubt that a person becomes a matured one only through reading good books. People come to know about various experiences of other people and gain the benefits without ever going through the same experiences in real life. Moreover, there is limitation for one’s own experiences; however, reading books breaks the limitation by providing lot of experiences. The more one reads the right books, the more one gains experience and knowledge. Going through the powerful writing of gifted authors, people live another life. It is the duty of parents to develop reading habit in their children. Following are some methods to induce reading.

Start telling bedtime stories to young children
Read story books to them before they sleep
Buy them proper children books with large pictures and attractive colors.
Gift them books quite often
Encourage them to read as soon as they start reading
Have a nice place for them where they can read and indulge in their own world
More than anything else, reading atmosphere in home is very much necessary because children follow elders.
Reading together can be done until it becomes a habit. Parents can ask the children to read the story to them or both can read each part alternatively.
Limit the time of watching TV or video games.
Subscribe children’s magazine, comic books and newspapers.

For grown-up children reading can be in any format including print media and audio books.

Arrange a separate place for their books in an appealing manner. Keep a little table and chair with sufficient lighting. Make it a quiet place where children love to spend their time reading or going through the pictures.

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