How To Handle A Toddler Who Bites

Biting should not be associated with misbehavior mainly if your baby is a toddler. You should understand the behavior pattern of the little sentient and try to resolve the issue initiating required actions. If you are small baby has been biting, it can be upsetting and heartbreaking. Discourage the behavior on the first instance and eventually develop self-control in the baby.


  • Find out the reason.

Has your child developed the habit of biting recently or has been doing it from quite before? If your child has recently started biting, it can be the cause of teething trouble. Toddlers most of the time learn to bite because of oral motor simulation.

Apart from that, your child might be trying to express the feeling of anger or frustration by biting. Immediately withdraw the activity that has been making the child irritated. Try to understand that children do not have much tolerance. Whatever they find personally wrong, they communicate it in some of the other way.

  • Positive guidance

A toddler understands the activities that are being discouraged and the ones that are being encouraged. Every time your child bites, just tell them not to do that in your way. Remind them that this is a wrong activity so that they can eventually get rid of it.

Soothe the person whom your baby has bitten so that you can tell the little toddler that whatever has been done was wrong. Weekend and maintaining eye contact can reduce the incidence eventually.

  • Give them something to bite

If your child has been facing the sensation to bite, the best would be to provide them with a new brush for something that they can chew all the while.


  • Use Chili powder

To make your child leave the poor habit of biting, apply chili powder in the exact area where they bite. Do the same activity a couple of time, and eventually, you will find your child reluctant to bite point


  • Do not overreact

A toddler cannot speak or Express emotions on their own; it is very natural for them to inculcate a habit of biting. Remember that toddlers little humans who have an inner feeling. The activity of biting can be a signal of something that they want to communicate.


  • Demonstrate biting

Children don’t know how it feels when they bite hard to someone. Therefore, let them know that it feels bad when they bite by demonstrating them the same. Take a small bite in their little hand to show that it does not feel good. Let them know that biting is painful to others by repeatedly giving them a bite on their hand whenever you find them practice biting.

Relax, your baby will grow up one day and will not bite eternally. Therefore, let your baby grow, and you think that it is common and natural. Biting definitely hurts but if you are going to take it seriously, you will develop a mental agony for the same.


Final words

Biting is a normal part of childhood and this is one of the way that children use to express their feelings. One of the most generic reasons behind a child’s biting is seeking attention. With immense love and care, you can rid of this habit of your child. Again, children learn from the actions of others, and if you encourage their bad habit then, they are most likely to accept that in their behaviour and more likely to repeat it.



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