How to Sooth a Crying Baby

Nothing is more difficult than handling a crying baby. Babies cry mostly all the time and this is how they communicate, right from the moment they are born. Generally, your babies cry to tell you something is wrong like when they are hungry, a wet bottom, they are feeling restless or pained or they need a cuddle. Babies need a lot of attention and as they grow, their behavior changes. New parents face it as one of the most frustrating challenges while soothing a crying baby when especially who is fed, changed and loved. While most parents are familiar with sleepless nights and even pull their hair in frustration.

A young baby having a fit on the ground crying and making a pout face

Here are some best ways which you can try to comfort a crying baby. It makes take a few tries to but patience is the key.

1) Hold the baby in your arms and try to calm down the baby. Holding offers a sense of security to your newborn and may calm your baby. Gently rub your baby’s back and hold them on the left side for their better digestion.

2) The another best way to calm your baby is by letting them suck the non-nutritive sucking, which may not feed your baby but can calm their nerves. If it’s not the time for a feed, you can offer them a pacifier or help them find their figure or thumb as many babies calm down by sucking. Mothers can offer their breasts to their babies in order to make them calm instantly.

3) If your baby is crying, swaddling can help in soothing your baby in most cases. Swaddling is an art of wrapping baby snugly in a warm blanket for providing baby warmth and sense of security.  Swaddling mainly restricts a baby’s movement and makes baby feel comfortable and secure in a limited range of motion.

4) Rocking your baby chair is probably one of the most exquisite rituals to soothe your baby. Modern parenting offers some hand free rocking options too. If your baby is crying a lot you can just try to move or swing your baby around and it will help to calm down your baby. Maybe this motion may help your baby to fall asleep as well.

5) Massaging the baby is one of the most effective methods to make baby calm. This method has constantly been praised and works well. There can be so many possibilities for a baby’s cry, your baby can be fatigued or in pain. If your baby is crying inconsolably, then start massaging them gently on their stomach and back.

6) Sometimes a breath of fresh can soothe your cranky baby. The change in the light, air or environment and sounds is more likely to improve your baby’s mood and yours too. You can take your baby outside in the fresh air for a change and this will help in comforting your baby.

7) Keep a record of your baby’s activities and try to write the time when your baby is awake, asleep, eating or drinking. This will help you to understand your child’s behaviour. Keeping a track of your baby’s activities help you to understand their needs and plan around your things accordingly. Especially when you are a new parent, it will be easy for you to maintain a routine around your baby

8) Even the young one gets bored so if your baby is crying, try to play with your baby. Shake their rattle, make silly noises and animated expressions or dance and giggle with them.

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