Popular Goddess Names for Naming Baby Girls

We celebrate the birth of a new born with great pomp and show but when it comes to naming your baby, there is a lot of thought put into the process. In Indian culture, naming your daughter after a deity turns out to be one of the most auspicious moments especially since people believe it brings massive amount of luck and prosperity. It certainly is pleasing to know that your daughter has been named after a heroic goddess of the Indian mythology. There are certain pleasures in naming your daughter after a deity because not only does it sound nice, it brings a very beautiful touch to the personality of the individual as well.
Your baby surely is too small and beautiful to understand how her naming took place but in the years that pass by she’ll definitely love and thank her parents for giving her such a lovely and sacred name. Hold the honor in such names because Indian culture teaches its children to respect tradition and have ethics where ever we go. If you can’t decide what kind of goddess name you wish to give to your daughter here’s a little help for the parents out there. You’ll enjoy coursing through this list of popular goddess names for your lovely daughter.

Why Do We Choose Goddess Names?
The question isn’t about choosing goddess names, it more related to following Indian customs. It is within our culture to choose a beautiful name for our daughters that highlights their birth in this world. The birth of a new born daughter is revered as the birth of a goddess in the house. There are rituals performed where a daughter till the age of 13-15 years must participate in welcoming Goddess Lakshmi in the family. We respect our traditions and in the legacy of naming your daughter after a goddess, we pay homage to the greater beings of this planet as an ode to welcoming a beautiful soul into the world of today.

Popular Indian Goddess Names for your Baby Daughter
1. Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi
2. Chakrika – Goddess Lakshmi
3. Amala – Godess Lakshmi
4. Ambika – Goddess Parvati
5. Annapurna – Goddess of Crops
6. Aparna – Goddess Durga
7. Aditri – Goddess Lakshmi
8. Abhaya – Goddess Durga
9. Akula – Goddess Parvati
10. Ekshaa – Goddess Durga
11. Nandana – Goddess Durga
12. Sharanya – Goddess Durga
13. Stuti – Goddess Durga
14. Saumyaa – Goddess Durga
15. Ridra – Goddess Durga
16. Prajna – Goddess Saraswati
17. Hamsini – Goddess Saraswati
18. Bharati – Goddess Saraswati
19. Prajna – Goddess Saraswati
20. Gayatri – Goddess Saraswati

The ideology behind choosing goddess names for your baby daughter is a wonderful procedure. Parents want their baby girls to have the best names and who wouldn’t? It certainly would sound amazing if your daughter is named after a proclaimed goddess with a meaning that corresponds with the kind of upbringing and attitude your child would develop. Every parent would want their daughter to reserve a name that is different and unique. Whether you want to name her after Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Lakshmi, the principle behind naming your child after a deity who is worshiped in India is known to be very prosperous.

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