Who is your Child’s First Teacher?

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every parent’s life revolves around his or her child. Parents are always busy in choosing the best for their children, they are always trying their best to shape a meaningful and stable life for their young ones. A child’s birth marks the beginning of a parent’s life as well. A parent, who is going to make sure that his/her child learns all the life lessons well and leads a happy life. But the question is, who is going to set that foundation of life lessons for your children. Teachers? Friends? Relatives? Or Parents?


Most of us leave our children to learn all those subjects with complex theories and formulae for them to become successful in life. But is that all they need to grow as a person? Children are precious in every way, they are just like a piece of clay, they can be molded into a flower or stingy thorns. And it all depends on the one looking after them and handling them. Children are full of incredible potential, promise, and questions. Even when they don’t say anything, one can feel their curiosity in their gaze. You as parents name your children, teach them to take their first step, and you also hold the authority to shape them into either flowers or thorns. YOU are your child’s first-ever teacher.

Children are a blank notebook eagerly waiting to be filled with the answers they were looking for, and you will be the first one to fill it for them. A child is born with immense potential, but they need our guidance to put their potential to work. No child is a born failure, he/she learns these harsh terms from life’s experiences. It is a parent’s duty to teach them to face failures with as much elegance as one celebrates success.

Your behavior shapes your child’s behavior. Because the people around them, that are most of the time parents determine how and with what moral values children will lead their life. Every time you talk rudely to someone, your child observes you, processes the situation and saves it as a memory. Every time you yell at someone or indulge yourself in an unreasonable fight, remember that you are teaching that to your child.

The way you eat, the way you talk, the way you sit, every little detail of the day-to-day things that you do are being registered into your child’s brain and ultimately into his/her habits. Being someone who spends the most amount of time with them, you are also the one to hold an appreciable amount of responsibility for their behaviors. Some things cannot be taught but can be learned through observations and experiences. Your child learns those things from the people around him/her. So, make sure to build a strong foundation of life lessons for your child. Your child’s growth in the right direction will show your growth as a parent. After all, your child is your reflection scientifically as well as socially.

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