20 Popular God Names Used in Hindu Baby Naming

There is a long procedure involved technically while choosing the name for your new born. In Indian culture, the process involves intricate rituals and astrological study where the new born is named after a god. You might wonder, why name a baby after a god? It is quite simple actually; it sounds amazing and is considered to be very spiritual.

Why Do We Choose Gods Names?

People believe in the Indian tradition that naming a child after a god or a goddess is an ode to welcoming a holy spirit in the family. Our roots are so strong that we inherit such customs in naming our children. It does give a wonderful ring when you name your new born son after a popular god. Many Hindu names are associated with gods and goddesses who have divine qualities. Our culture demands such ethnic necessity which showcases the kind of background we belong to. A typical Indian name for a baby boy will generally be of a god who is worshipped in that particular region.

Such names predict strong personalities and represent the traits of your baby once he grows into a fine young man. Parents tend to consult priests for naming their child but this isn’t a necessity if as a parent you would prefer choosing the name yourself. In such a case you would require some help because choosing a name isn’t an easy job. Giving a random name to your child doesn’t make sense because that name stays for the rest of his life. For your new born baby boy the best names of gods are often related with Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Indra or Ganesh. It is a prosperous tradition that we respect as our means of responding to prayers and beliefs.

The Process of Naming Your Baby Boy

In a typical Indian family, the process of naming your baby boy consists of a 10 day ceremony where priests are called upon and rituals are conducted. A lot of family members are invited for the naming ceremony (naamkaran sanskar) where the baby is blessed and bathed in holy water. Prayers are spoken as a means of worshipping the gods in heaven and invoking the holy spirits to bless the new born baby. Such blessings are believed to stay connected with the child till he grows up into a man of high principles and culture. The Indian culture strongly believes in naming a baby boy after a mythological god where such selected name is whispered into the child’s ears during the ceremony by the father. This is believed to incite the characteristics of that god into the child’s personality. If you’re looking for popular names for your baby boy, here are a few that’ll help you along the way.

  1. Anish – Lord Vishnu
  2. Vikram – Lord Vishnu
  3. Atharva – Lord Ganesh
  4. Chinamy – Lord Ganesh
  5. Saket – Lord Ganesh
  6. Ishan – Lord Shiva
  7. Nikhil – Lord Shiva
  8. Om – Lord Shiva
  9. Adi – Lord Shiva
  10. Shyam – Lord Krishna
  11. Abhijeet – Lord Krishna
  12. Prasanna – Lord Vishnu
  13. Devendra – Lord Indra
  14. Indrajit – Lord Indra
  15. Ekadant – Lord Ganesh
  16. Govind – Lord Krishna
  17. Rajendra – Lord Vishnu
  18. Suresh – Lord Indra
  19. Indrapal – Lord Indra
  20. Pranav – Lord Shiva

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