Choosing Names for New Born Babies


One of the most celebrated moments of a family is welcoming a new born baby and the tradition that follows after that is naming the infant. In typical Indian homes, a baby is usually named based upon the period of birth where priests are called upon a name is selected. Modernization has however led to many families choosing a name for their baby without such practices. We find that choosing your baby’s name can be quite easy however parents often find it a difficult task because they keep in mind a lot of things.

For one if you choose a name like ‘Asha’ which means hope, an idea that can spring to mind is that with a name like ‘Asha’ your baby will certainly be one of the first students in class to attend an oral test or have her seat right at the front during examinations.

Many parents like to follow the tradition of giving their child a name that is similar to the name of either the mother or the father. Melancholic moments lead to few families naming their children after ancestors who’ve passed away. However choosing a uniquely popular name for your child can often determine how your child can turn out to be.
How to Choose the Baby Name?

Many parents can think about their baby’s best features and give him/her based upon that feature. A baby who has beautiful eyes can be named ‘Naina’ or a baby with a cute smile can be named ‘Muskaan’. Maybe having a dimple can offer name suggestions like ‘Goodiya’ or ‘Aradhya’.

In case of a boy’s name, features hardly matter but strength and intelligence does. Having a name like ‘Aseem’ or ‘Prakram’ that suggests a certain asset can make interesting names. Maybe the name ‘Atul’ or ‘Pulkit’ are highly suitable for parents who dream of their son being a success someday.

A. Talent
You will of course not know what your baby is capable of but when it comes to understanding your family you’ll have a slight idea about what your child may inherit. For instance in case music runs in the family then you can name your child ‘Ragini’ or ‘Surbhi. If your family has a baby boy then why not try for a name like ‘Anurag’ or ‘Surya’ instead? It isn’t just about talent but mostly about the beauty behind the name.

B. Deity

A popular tradition in Indian families is to choose a baby name that is of a god or a goddess. Picking a name like ‘Inder’ or ‘Lakshmi’ is ideal for new born babies and quite common in the Indian society. Picking a idol’s name for your baby can certainly make you feel happy as a parent. The kind of joy that parenthood brings comes in the form of naming your child and raising him/her under that name to finally watch him/her achieve great success. Being a parent can be difficult but it certainly is a beautiful and memorable moment.

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