Smoked Food is Unhealthy to Eat during Pregnancy

Pregnant Women
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So what is the ideal diet for a pregnant woman? It certainly should be devoid of ‘smoked food’ since pregnant women and their infants are susceptible to food borne illnesses to a large extent. For this very reason the physicians recommend expecting mothers to steer clear from an unhealthy diet where food can easily get contaminated. Known pathogens like ‘Listeria monocytogenes, listed as a dangerous bacterium is known to grow on refrigerated edibles. As for refrigerating smoked meats and vegetables, they are absolutely detrimental for the developing fetus and the mother.

Why is Smoked Food Unhealthy?

Pregnant women with severe symptoms can suffer from serious blood infections, development problems of the infant or seizures in most cases. The practice of smoking decreases the nutrient concentration and produces a condition that is favorable for likeable pathogens to infect such food materials. May it be leafy vegetable that are cooked on fire or meat smoked with several spices, refrigerating the edibles serves to be an unhealthy consumption for pregnant women.

We should ensure that if an expecting woman is eating meat then it should be canned but not smoked. Charcoal is said to be very dangerous and if consumed in the blood can affect the baby’s physical growth and development. Smoked food is normally low on fats and can lead to ‘Listeriosis’ which is a very harmful disease caused by bacteria during pregnancy.

Symptoms during Pregnancy

  1. We’re talking about smoked sea food delicacies like salmon, trout, cod, or tuna that are placed within the refrigerated section. Groceries that are smoked and stored for cooling develop a natural tendency to host harmful pathogens that can grow under low temperatures.
  2. Upon consumption, the expecting mother may face an upset stomach, diarrhea, fever & chills and a stiff neck. Swelling in the joints could lead to body pain due to increased sodium content in the blood.
  3. Extreme conditions could involve the expecting mother having an unsuccessful delivery or a premature delivery. Eating smoked food during pregnancy can lead to complications of birth. Other conditions that can befall upon the expecting mother can consist of vomiting, pain in the stomach and bleeding.
  4. Increased blood pressure is another danger that you must remain aware of which is very harmful for the baby. Pregnancy leaves the immune system weak due to which it is easy for women to catch diseases.
  5. Listeriosis is a condition that can lead to blood infections, flu, seizures or even death of the infant. Diarrhea is another one of the symptoms apart from memory lapses, loss of balance and confusion.

What to Do?

Usually if you want to treat Listeriosis, the only conclusion at hand is consuming antibiotics. However taking medications during pregnancy is another risk that you should take if you are suffering from a disease that is very dangerous. It is a simple process where if you avoid eating smoked food, your pregnancy will certainly be safe and healthy. So why take any chances when you can consume food that is healthier and easily available.

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