The story of Monkey Gang And Workmen

Once upon a time a road work was going and there were few workers who were working from morning. It has been five days in the work. Every day after they start working a group of monkeys sit on a nearby tree and watch them doing the work. On the sixth day, the workers opened a manhole and were cleaning the same. They went for Tiffin break in the middle of the day, and while going for break, they left the manhole half opened. As the manhole was not fully close, they attached a stick to support the lid. When they went for Tiffin, the monkey group came down and started working out with the tools.

After playing with many of the tools, one of the monkeys found the wooden log standing between the road and the lid. They found interest in that and started wandering among themselves regarding the importance of the wooden stand. While they were playing with the wooden piece, they found that there is an entry between the stand and the lid, and one of the monkeys went inside it. For certain time, they played a hide and seek game from the manhole and took fun out of that. Suddenly, the tail of one of a monkey stuck the stand and it moved from the path. The lid dropped and the monkey that was playing inside the manhole was trapped. Monkey friends tried to open the lid and made every effort with the stand, but all the efforts were in vein. No remedy was found and finally the passage was closed. They reached the workers, but they were fled away by them. Thus the monkey remained locked in the trap and ultimately died.
Morale: It is better to do your own Job than others

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